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Group 1: Sheepdog and Cowherd

General appearance: morfologically well-proportioned, very resistant.

Head: cranium quite large with no-prominent occiput, muzzle moderately short and robust, almost the same lenght of the cranium. Prominent stop. Black nose. Oval eyes brown coloured except for the blue merle when one or both can be blue.

Ears: of medium consistency, well-distanced, beared half-upright and very movable. Long neck, muscular, slightly curved that fuses well to the trunk.

Trunk: the thorax is descendent and quite large with ringed ribs. Large and strong back. The trunk must be a little longer that the lenght withers and the rump slightly inclined.

Forelegs: the bones must be round and robust but not heavy; the aplombs well parallel.

Hind legs: the back must be large and muscular and the limbs well parallel.

Tail: Must be moderately long, such to reach the hock joint, low attached and very hairy. It can be raised when the dog is excited but never beared on the back.

Fur: There are two variety of hair: one moderately long and the other short. In both cases the external hair must be thick and of medium consistency, the under hair short, soft and dense to protect from cold.

Colours: it is allowed every variety of colours, but the white couldn't predominate.

Size: the ideal height for the male is 53 cm, a little less for the female.

Bearing: the movemente is free, easy and indefatigable. Lifting the paws, it must gives the impression of swiftness and adroitness.